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Woods' Pools Renovations


Our Pool Renovations will make your pool better than NEW!

We use only tried and true methods thoughtfully applied using only state of the art materials and equipment. Unlike others we do not hire subcontractors to perform our work - this gives us complete control of preparation, quality of workmanship, materials, techniques, and scheduling which allows our work to carry the guaranteed longest warranties! The highest quality work - on time and on budget.


We are the Area Experts in commercial and residential renovations:

• We are the builder that OTHER builders hire for renovations.

• Commercial Pool Construction

• We do not use subcontractors on renovations!

• Please see our Commercial Reference List

• Commercial, Institutional, and Residential Pools

• Written Zero Variance Clause - No big $$$ surprise changes!

• From Minor Repairs to Full Reconstructions

• Shell Crack Structural Repairs and Full Shell Replacements

• Drilling and Grout Pumping of Unstable Shells

• Marcite Plaster and Replaster, Exposed Agg Ceramic Interiors

• Coping Stones, Brick, Pavers, Flagstone, Cantilever Decks

• All Tile Spas, Tile Vanishing Edges - 100's of Tiles to Choose From

• Complete Replumbs

• Spectacular Big Boulder Waterfalls



Visit our Showroom & Displays
201 South 3rd St. (Rt. 309)
Coopersburg, PA  18036


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Woods' Pools & Waterfalls
Address:  201 S. 3rd. Street, Coopersburg, PA  18036
Phone:  610.282.9500 Fax:  215.536.0439
Email:  sales@woodspoolspa.com


Pool Pro Pa
Address:  201 S. 3rd Street, Coopersburg, PA  18036
Phone:  610.282.9500
Email:  sales@poolpropa.com




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